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Live Baccarat XProGaming
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Live Baccarat from XProGaming is a no-download multiplayer punto banco with standard payouts and numerous side bets. Though not so rich in features as its peers, this live baccarat provides smooth gaming action, basic video settings and a chat option for player–dealer communications. The developer does not publish its house rules on the game window, so keep reading further to find out what to expect on your first visit.

The table and the dealer (usually, a female) are streamed in real-time from a physical studio in Bulgaria or Slovakia. The visuals are excellent in the game, and the player can change the video definition by clicking a small drop-down list containing video options. Besides, clicking anywhere inside the video frame enlarges it to full size without affecting the video quality at all. Typically, the minimum and maximum limits in the game are $5 and $500 respectively, but they can vary across casinos.

Live Baccarat rules

The aim of baccarat is to predict the winning hand by betting on the Player, Dealer or Tie. The total value of each hand is calculated by tallying the values of the cards which are part of that hand. After you have placed a wager on any of the three outcomes, the dealer deals two cards for the Banker and Player hands. Based on the score in the Player hand, the dealer may give another card to the Player, which is subject to the Third Card Rules. The winning hand must score as close to 9 as possible. In this live baccarat from XProGaming, payouts are standard for a punto banco variation: the winning Banker hand awards 0.95 to 1 (takes a 5% commission), the Player awards 1 to 1, and in case of Tie you get 8 to 1.

Live baccarat statistics

Many baccarat fans keep careful track of past scores to make informed decisions on which hand to place a wager. To help players get the best overall picture of the current card shoe, the live baccarat uses five roadmaps that present recent results in different ways: Small Road, Big Road, Big Eye Road, Cockroach Road and Bead Road. By analyzing the patterns you see on the roadmaps, you will be able to predict the next winner more precisely.

Side bets

There are three optional side bets in the live baccarat that are placed in addition to a regular bet and are evaluated independently of the outcome of the regular bet. Placing a side bet is easy – you just need to put one or more chips on a corresponding side bet spot on the baccarat table. The following are the side bets in XPG live baccarat:

  • Player/Banker Pair. The side bet wins if the two initial cards in the Player or Banker hand comprise a pair
  • Dragon/Tiger. You will get an award of up to 30:1 if a respective hand wins by 9 points. A natural tie pays nothing
  • Super 6. You will receive 12 to 1 if the winning Banker hand totals 6 points.

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