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Live Baccarat Evolution Gaming
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Evolution Gaming is a top-ranked provider of live dealer solutions that releases state-of-art live games. With multicamera views, automatically adjusted video feed and numerous configurable settings, the live baccarat by that software provider is a definite must-play for all baccarat fans.

A baccarat table is run by trained female croupiers and is located at a dedicated studio with no other tables around and no casino buzz. Using advanced technologies, Evolution Gaming delivers a high-quality video stream right into a user’s desktop or mobile device. Video is optimized on the go and its quality is changed automatically from High to Medium to Low to Lowest, depending on the performance of a user’s device.

Camerawork is also amazing, with multiple cameras filming the table at different angles. Views are changed automatically at different phases of the gaming action. For example, the croupier’s dealing cards is shown from a bird’s-eye view. When the round is complete and players have 20 seconds to place their bets, the table is shown from another camera that gives an overall view of the table and croupier. You have the option to chat with the croupier and other players via an embedded chat box.

If you like playing more than one game at a time, click the +Table button to join up to four Evolution Gaming live tables! Playing more than one game simultaneously does not affect your presence at each table, and you can toggle between the tables you have joined without exiting them.

Live baccarat rules and statistics

The game is played with 8 decks, and the object of the game is to predict correctly the winning hand, which is the one that scores higher. Card values are the same as in other classic punto banco variations, and so is the third card rule that is consulted to establish whether the third card must be dealt on Player, Banker or both.

Under the video feed screen, there is the Bet Statistics panel that shows the total bet placed on each of the three outcomes (Player, Banker or Tie) by all players, and the percentage of all stakes placed on each of the three outcomes. These stats can be useful for inexperienced gamblers who haven’t quite got the hang of live baccarat yet. Baccarat results within the currently played shoe are represented in five scoreboards: Bead Road, Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road and Cockroach Road. Not only can the Bead Road show colored cells representing a Banker, Player or Tie – if you click anywhere on the Bead Road, it will change the display to Score Mode.

Side bets

The live baccarat from Evolution Gaming features only two side bets; these are Banker Pair and Player Pair, each paying out 11 to 1 if won. A side bet qualifies if the first two cards in the Banker or Player hand form a pair, for example, two Queens of any suit.

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