Live Baccarat Ezugi

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Live Baccarat Ezugi
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Live Baccarat by Ezugi is a visually appealing game with fast action, excellent video quality and six side bets that enhance your wagering opportunities. Streamed in real time from San Jose (Costa Rica), the game is run by amicable female croupiers who are always reachable via a chat window. Though lacking quality customization, the video runs perfectly on computers, and all major iOS/Android handheld devices.

A toolbar that contains settings and options is indicated at the bottom right corner and is fully intuitive. It offers the opportunity to mute/unmute sound, enter the Ezugi live casino lobby and play the game in full screen mode. Table limits are always visible on the table, and so is a Support phone number if any help is needed. If you want to tip the dealer, click the Tips icon to the left of the chip array and select a preferred chip denomination to tip.

Live baccarat rules and statistics

This live baccarat follows classic baccarat rules in respect of card scoring, card values and so on. Third card dealing is also standard. Anyway, users who are new to baccarat are welcome to click the “?” button on the UI to view detailed house rules that explain all intricacies of how to play. Briefly, the user has to predict the result of the next round placing a bet on Player, Banker or Tie. Like in all classic baccarat games, the winning Player awards 1:1, Banker pays out 0.95:1 (a 5% commission applies) and Tie pays out 8:1.

Bead Road, Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road and Cockroach Road are the traditional Macau-style roadmaps that indicate the results of the current shoe to the right and left of the video screen. The stat panels can be hidden from view in a click.

Side bets

The reviewed game features six optional side bets. As distinct from blackjack where side bets come in addition to normal bets, this live baccarat enables the user to make any number of side bets without having to wager on Player, Banker and/or Tie. The minimum and maximum limits for side bets can be found in the user interface when playing the game.

  • Player/Banker Pair (11:1). You get an award if the hand you have placed the side bet on forms a pair of cards of the same denomination (5D+5C)
  • Either Pair (5:1). This works the same as above but either hand may qualify, not any specific hand
  • Perfect Pair (25:1). The side bet wins if the Player or Banker forms a suited pair (5D+5D)
  • Big/Small (0.54:1/1.5:1). The Big side bet wins if the number of cards in the Player and Banker hands totals 5 or 6. Otherwise, the Small side bet wins.

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