Baccarat Squeeze Evolution Gaming

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Baccarat Squeeze Evolution Gaming
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This is a thrilling baccarat variant with amazing visuals, perfect video stream and multicamera environment that takes you to the heart of authentic casino action. Evolution Gaming is a globally leading provider of live games, and this baccarat is yet another proof of their innovative spirit and commitment to delivering outstanding live solutions. Try the game on any device, desktop or mobile, and you will get perfect experience.

Live baccarat tables are located in a physical studio designed to resemble a brick-and-mortar casino and are run by professional female dealers. Using multiple cameras that capture the action from different angles, the game software optimizes the video stream to fit it to a specific user. With Auto Adjust being the default video option, you can still select manually one of the four quality options that would suit you best (Lowest, Low, Medium and High).

User-customizable options are organized in an intuitive toolbar indicated at the top right corner. The buttons in the toolbar enable the user to hide/show a chat panel that can be dragged to any part of the screen when opened, mute/unmute sound, open the Settings window, enlarge the gaming screen, and view account history and house rules.

Card squeezing

The peek-squeeze ritual is one of the most exciting things that baccarat fans adore about the game. A dealer reveals a face-down card slowly, opening it from one end, then from the other end, keeping gamblers in anticipation of what the actual card value is. Not all the cards are squeezed in any specific round. The choice of which card to squeeze depends on the total amount wagered on Player or Banker by all players at the table.

Live baccarat rules and statistics

This live baccarat by Evolution Gaming abides by the traditional set of baccarat rules. The user is entitled to place one or more bets on Player, Banker or Tie that pay out 1:1, 0.95:1 and 8:1 respectively. Card values are also the same as in other classic game variants: Aces worth 1, face cards and tens worth 0, and other cards worth their numerical values. To determine whether an additional card should be dealt, a standard third card rule is applied.

To help players keep track of game results and make more accurate predictions on the next rounds, the game uses five different scoreboards, including Bead Road, Big Road, Small Road, Big Eye Road and Cockroach Road. Besides, the current bet statistics is shown such as the number of players who have placed a bet on each outcome (Player, Banker and Tie), and the percentage of the total amount wagered on each outcome.

Side bets

Live Baccarat Squeeze features two side bets that are placed optionally. The Player Pair or Banker Pair side bet wins 11:1 if the first two cards on the Player or Banker hand comprise a pair. The side bets can be made instead of a regular bet.

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