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Baccarat Squeeze Vivo Gaming
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In 2015 and 2016, Vivo Gaming considerably extended their baccarat offer by adding 10 new live tables, including Baccarat Squeeze that is streamed in real time, features a plenty of side bets and creates the air of suspense due to card squeezing.

Baccarat tables are located at a studio in Costa Rica and are run by chatty, professional female dealers who speak English and Spanish. The default position of the video feed box is at the top left corner and the player is given the option to enlarge the screen to full size to make the game more realistic. Besides, clicking the Magnifying Glass icon zooms the camera in to provide a more detailed view of the cards dealt by the dealer.

The toolbar at the top right corner contains an array of buttons that enable the player to change settings and select suitable options. These include a chat box, access to house rules, bet limits, sound control, Report Issue feature, and more.

The card squeezing ritual

Many casino enthusiasts of Asia play baccarat to try their luck and fate, and this game have a deep symbolic meaning for some Asian players. The card squeezing ritual practiced on some baccarat tables, including this live game, allows the players to experience a real casino feel and excitement. In this Baccarat Squeeze, the cards are dealt facing down, and the player who has placed the biggest bet on the Player or Banker hand is invited to squeeze the cards. This is done by simply clicking (tapping) on any edge or corner of the card to reveal its value.

Live baccarat rules and statistics

The Vivo Gaming’s live baccarat is based on standard punto banco rules and is played with 8 decks in the shoe. Prior to the initial card deal, the player has to bet on the Banker, Player or Tie, each having different payouts: 0.95:1 for Banker (a 5% commission is charged), 1:1 for Player, and 8:1 for Tie. Card scoring, winning odds and the third card rules are traditional for any classic baccarat, so seasoned players can expect no problems. New players are encouraged to view the rules by clicking the “i” button on the game toolbar. Game history is indicated on Macau-style roadmaps at the bottom part of the screen.

Side bets

The live baccarat accepts numerous side bets that can be placed optionally in addition to normal bets.

  • Banker/Player Pair (11:1)
  • Banker/Player Dragon Bonus (up to 30:1 based on the point margin between Player and Banker hands)
  • Perfect Pair (25:1)
  • Either Pair (5:1)
  • Big/Small (0.54:1/1.5:1).

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