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Live Baccarat Lucky Streak
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Live Baccarat from Lucky Streak looks great and truly innovative. Emerged into the market much later than its peers like Evolution or NetEnt, the developer managed to gain and maintain recognition for its supreme-quality solutions. Lucky Streak seems to aim at quality rather than quantity as they lack a huge portfolio of live games but the available ones are very impressive.

The video feed is displayed in full screen by default and features high-definition quality. The gaming studio is neat and modern, with predominantly blue and black colors that please the eye and create a true Vegas atmosphere. On the background you will see not only live tables but also an array of computers, service staff, a pit boss and a table with many full shoes on it. Players can change the video quality selecting from three options (Low, Medium and High); alternatively, selecting the Auto option will customize the stream automatically. Whatever the video quality is, the stream runs smoothly and flawlessly.

The table layout is designed to show the bets of other players at the table. If you want to disable the multiplayer mode and see only your bets, click the Single Mode button at the bottom. A chat panel that comes with a set of smilies is also hidden from view and is activated on clicking the Chat button. Interestingly, Lucky Streak have equipped their games with hint messages that appear from time to time when a specific area of the screen is touched. For example, when you open the chat, a hint message informs that the chat can be dragged to any part of the screen. If you hover the mouse over the dealer, the game software will ask you to rate the dealer from 1 to 5 stars.

Live baccarat rules and statistics

The house rules are available by clicking the “?” button while playing live baccarat. They open in a new browser window and contain much useful information about baccarat with images, examples and detailed explanations. Users have 15 seconds to place a regular bet (Player, Banker or Tie) or one or more side bets. The card counting, card values and other rules applied in the Lucky Streak game are typical for any baccarat: aces count as 1, all face cards and tens count as 0, and other cards are worth their pip values. History of recent rounds is shown on five kinds of roadmaps, including Big Road, Bead Plate, Big Eye Boy, Small Road and Cockroach Pig. Besides, the user can view the percentage of winning Player, Banker and Tie bets in the current shoe.

Side bets

This live baccarat features a number of side bets, with their payouts clearly indicated on respective betting spots. Side bets can be placed regardless of whether you have placed a regular bet. The side bets are:

  • Player/Banker/Either Pair. You win if the first two cards form a pair
  • Perfect Pair. You win if the first two cards in the Player or Banker hand constitute a suited pair
  • Big/Small. The outcome of the side bet depends on how many cards have been dealt to both the Player and Banker (4, 5 or 6).

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