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Live Baccarat Vivo
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With the exclusive focus on live dealer solutions, Vivo Gaming is proud to represent this live baccarat that features a plenty of side bets, HD video, adjustable video settings and an authentic casino ambience, which is all accessible at your fingertips.

The video stream window is located at the bottom left corner and cannot be resized. The table is captured by a single camera that shows every small detail of the game from a fixed viewpoint but if you want to get a close-up view of the central part of the table where the dealer place the cards on, you need to click the Looking Glass icon that will zoom the camera in on that specific table area. Besides, the browser window can be increased to full size for a more immersive game play. As soon as the dealer is dealing physical cards on the table, their 2D electronic images are immediately shown at the top left corner in Banker and Player sections.

There is the chat window that is hidden/shown by clicking the Chat button in the toolbar. Identically, the Limits button shows and hides a small panel that indicates the min/max limits for all bet types available in Vivo Gaming’s live baccarat. There is a handy Report Issue option allowing you to submit a screenshot and short issue description to the support team to get it fixed.

Live Baccarat rules and statistics

The aim of live baccarat is to predict which hand (Player, Banker or Tie) will score bigger in the next round and place a bet within a predefined betting time which is 25 seconds for this game. The scoring, drawing rules, card values and the Third Card rule are totally identical to these applied in any 8-deck punto banco. Payouts are also the same, with 1:1 for Player, 0.95:1 for Banker and 8:1 for Tie. The scoreboards displayed under the video feed box are used to help players keep track on recent game results and make more accurate predictions on the next rounds.

Side bets

While regular betting can lead to only three winning possibilities (Player, Banker or Tie), side bets are the key to bigger and more diverse wins with up to 30 times a bet. The time allotted for betting is sufficient for you to place one or more of the following side bets on respective betting spots to the right of the video feed screen:

  • Player/Banker/Either Pair. A side bet wins if the first two cards in the Player or Banker hand (depending on which outcome you have wagered) or in either hand comprises a pair (pays out 11 to 1 and 5 to 1 respectively)
  • Either/Perfect Pair. The side bet pays out 25 to 1 if the two initial cards in the Player or Banker hand comprise a pair of identical cards
  • Player/Banker Dragon. The side bet wins if there is at least a 4-point difference between the Player and Banker hands.

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