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Live Roulette XProGaming
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Live roulette by XProGaming is a traditional European roulette with a single zero and a 2.7% house advantage. The game is streamed in real time from a physical studio in Bulgaria and roulette tables are run by amicable and charismatic female dealers dressed in branded black dresses. Players can see various game-related information, including history and bet limits, which increases their awareness of the gameplay and contributes to choosing a proper betting strategy.

Live roulette features

The main table grid consisting of 36 numbers plus zero is represented in a virtual form only, with no physical table visible on the screen. The main grid is designed to accept all classic bet types, including inside and outside bets. A small racetrack is on constant display under the main grid and accepts three call bets (Tier, Orphelins and Voisins du Zero) and neighbors (the main number plus two numbers adjoining it from both sides on the racetrack).

The minimum and maximum bet limits are clearly indicated on the right-hand side of the video screen and are grouped by bet types. Besides, players are provided with fairly informative stats on the percentage of Red/Green/Black and Even/Odd/Zero numbers won in the previous rounds. The same panel indicates six hot and cold numbers, which are the numbers that are hit most and least frequently. To the left of the video screen, there is the game info on one tab and a chat window on the other tab. The chat is intended for sending messages to the dealer and other players, and is available for everyone who has joined the table, no matter if you place bets or not.

Finally, the developer has equipped the live roulette with a popular Favorite Bets feature that enables the player to save the current bet pattern. By using this handy tool, the player can repeat the same bet configuration as many times as needed, without having to place chips by himself.

Video and audio options

The gameplay is shown from two points of view. During a 40-second betting time, the camera gives a general overview of the wheel and dealer. After the dealer announces that no more bets are allowed and releases the ball onto the wheel, the camera switches its focus on the wheel until the ball comes to rest on a winning pocket. By clicking the magnifying glass icon, the player can enlarge or reduce the size of the stream window. Video quality can be easily changed by selecting Hi, Lo or HD on the video stream, and no automatic adjustment in video quality is made during the play. Audio settings include only muting and volume control.

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