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Live Roulette Extreme Gaming
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Live Roulette by Extreme Gaming offers an authentic Las Vegas experience thanks to the premium-quality video feed and a plethora of customizable settings that will boost your experience without leaving your comfort zone at home. The developer has opted out of placing live tables at a spacious studio that would recreate a real casino environment; instead, the roulette wheel is located in a separate room, and the exquisite ambience with black marble columns is created by means of blue screen technology.

If you want to select a new live dealer game without quitting the currently opened table, you can click the Switch Table button to enter the casino lobby and browse for a game you wish to join while still playing at that table. For any information about the game rules or bet types, the platform provides an easily accessible Rules page that opens in a new browser window upon clicking “?” button when in the game.

Live roulette features

This is a classic European roulette with 36 numbers from 1 to 36 and a single zero pocket. The house edge for the game is 2.7%, and the winnings odds and payoffs are the same as any European roulette. The main numbered grid is designed to accept all traditional kinds of inside and outside stakes (Straight Up, Street, Split, Red/Black, etc.). The square board to the left of the main layout is used for making call bets and neighbors. Hovering a mouse pointer over a betting area will highlight the numbers to be included if you wager on that area.

The Extreme Gaming’s live roulette provides detailed statistics that is displayed in a small panel at the left of the gaming screen. The statistics panel features two tabs that display different types of statistical information. The Statistics 1 tab shows a round-shaped graph that displays a comparative hit frequency for each number of the wheel. On the Statistics 2 tab, you will see the percentage of winning for different bet types, including Red/Black, Even/Odd and High/Low. Being aware of which numbers come up most or least frequently in recent draws will help you decide which numbers to place the bet on.

If you feel uncomfortable with the English interface, you can try to change the UI language by clicking the Flag button that will open the list of 20+ available languages. Dealers who manage roulette tables speak English, and some of them will understand the players’ chat messages written in other languages such as German, French or Russian. The languages spoken by a specific dealer are indicated by corresponding country flags at the live casino lobby.

Video and audio options

Extreme Gaming provides a high-definition video stream that allows for capturing every minute detail of the game. The video can be turned off and you will see only the table, wheel and background picture. The game’s video is of high quality by default but you can lower it down, if necessary. Audio is OK and no issues have been identified with casino sounds or dealer’s voice. You can mute and turn back on sounds; however, volume control is not available.

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