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French Roulette Net Ent
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French Roulette delivered by NetEnt is favored by many casino fans as it features the La Partage rule that cuts down the house advantage and leaves much space for applying a proper winning strategy. As leader in the gambling industry, Net Entertainment has designed a truly enticing live dealer solution with amazing video stream quality, professional croupiers and a plethora of gaming features.

La Partage

A typical single-zero European roulette has a house advantage of 2.7%. This means the player has a 1 to 37 chance of losing the entire bet if the ball lands on zero. The reviewed game can be played with the La Partage rule applied; to activate this rule the player needs to check the La Partage box in the casino lobby before launching the game. This rule cuts the house advantage to 1.35%, thus, maximizing the player’s edge to 98.65%, and works as follows: if the ball stops on the “0” slot, every bet will be a loss for the player, except for these placed on equal-chances betting areas (Red or Black/Even or Odd/ High or Low). If the player has wagered, for example, on Red, and the ball lands on zero, the player loses only half their bet, not the entire bet.

Live roulette features

This French roulette accepts all known types of inside and outside bets that are placed on the numbered grid. The table features a French-style layout with betting fields labeled in French and English languages. To place call bets (Jeu Zero, Tiers, Orphelins and Voisins) as well as neighbors, you need to click the racetrack icon, which then displays the full version of the racetrack.

There is a Favorite Bets feature that enables the player to save any bets and then have them placed automatically. Another handy feature is a chat box located on the left of the screen; you can use it for talking to the dealer and other players at the table.

The statistics section at the right-hand side of the screen indicates three hot and three cold numbers, and winning numbers for the recent 15 wheel spins. To find out more about game rules and the history of personal bets, you need to click or tap the “i” button. There is also a camera icon below the video feed screen that is for information purpose only and does not serve to change the camera viewpoint.

Video and audio options

Video features high definition quality that can be lowered down or increased manually during the play under the Settings button. IF you want to enhance your gaming experience, consider enlarging the screen size, and this will not affect the video quality. Various audio options are available under the Settings button, including a slider for adjusting a sound volume.

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