Immersive Roulette Evolution Gaming

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Immersive Roulette Evolution Gaming
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EGR’s Game of the Year 2014, Immersive Roulette developed by Evolution Gaming offers a dramatically new gaming experience and plunges the player into the comfortable fun-filled casino atmosphere. The game features the same table layout, bets and payouts as European roulette from the same developer, yet it quickly became a casino hit. What is the reason for such a huge success? By using multiple shot angles, Evolution Gaming managed to recapture the feel and vibes of a brick-and-mortar casino and get players into the heart of the action. The table and wheel are videoed from a variety of angles, as if in a Hollywood blockbuster, and the slo-mo replay of the ball bouncing and coming to rest on a winning number makes every roulette fan love this game even more.

Live roulette features

This European roulette features 37 numbered slots, including a single “0”, and has two fields for placing bets. The main layout arranged in a rectangular grid is designed to accept all standard types of inside and outside bets (Straight, Split, Line, Red/Black, Even/Odd, etc.), while a hideable racetrack-shaped field is used to place call bets and neighbors (Tier, Orphelins, Voisins and Zero). The amount of numbers to the left and right of the selected number in the neighbor bet is adjusted from 1 to 9, which is a rare option in live roulette.

The Statistics panel provides an in-depth look at the recent game rounds that could help players use a reasonable betting strategy and increase the odds of winning. The Stats include the following:

  • a round diagram divided into 37 pie pieces indicating the occurrence frequency for each number on the wheel. The analysis depth is 50–500 rounds, being selected by dragging a slider under the diagram
  • the numbers that win most and least frequently for 50–500 rounds, known as “hot” and “cold” numbers. The player can click on the respective section to place a bet on the entire group of hot or cold numbers
  • bar charts labeled with the percentages of winnings for all outside bets and call bets
  • a simple citation of winning numbers in the recent 50–500 rounds.

Players who put multiple chips on the table during a single round will be happy to streamline the betting procedure by saving the betting patterns used most often. Applying the Save Favorites feature saves time as you don’t have to click on chips and betting areas numerous times – your favorite bet will be placed at a click or tap.

A chat window is used for communicating the dealer and other players. If you prefer to hide other players’ messages, check a respective box under the Settings button.

Video and audio options

The Video streaming implemented in Immersive Roulette is really perfect in every minute aspect. The video feed quality meets the highest HD standards and leaves no room for further wishes. If your device underperforms, you can try to decrease the video resolution manually by selecting the Lowest, Low, Medium or High option under the Settings button. Whether a classic or multicamera view, the game presentation tops all expectations as several cameras are shooting the table at the same time. The player can turn sound on/off and control the volume of dealer’s voice and game sounds.

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