Golden Ball Roulette Extreme Gaming

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Golden Ball Roulette Extreme Gaming
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It is no exaggeration to say that Golden Ball from Extreme Gaming is a very special and totally unique European roulette released on the gambling market so far. The point is that the roulette has an unusual addition to the typical “bet-and-spin” game play, which is a Golden Ball round that awards the winner with decent prizes. Featuring multi-camera visuals, an amazing X-Mode view, Favorite Bets feature and high-definition video quality, this live roulette is deemed as one of the best rated live games out there.

Live roulette features

The game follows the standard set of European roulette rules and has a single zero space that gives the casino advantage of 2.7%. There are two table layouts for wagering on a number or a group of numbers. The main numbered grid accepts all traditional types of inside and outside stakes, while the square board to the right of the main grid is designed to accept a variety of special bets (Tiers, Voisins du Zero, Orphelins and Finale) as well as neighbor bets.

Extreme Gaming has equipped the roulette with diverse features and configurable settings to make your play easier and more entertaining. If you want to try another live solution by that developer, click the three-lines button to enter the lobby without having yourself removed from the currently played game. The Language icon depicted by a flag is another convenient option for selecting a preferred interface language.

The Statistics section will help you make an informed choice when placing bets by providing details on hot and cold numbers, which are the numbers that are hit most or least frequently in recent wheel spins. The second stats tab shows you the occurrence of Red/Black, Even/Odd and High/Low winning numbers. Total minimum and maximum limits for the table are $1 and $75,000 respectively; the MIN/MAX line is clickable and opens a table that specifies min/max limits for each specific bet type.

Golden Ball feature

Above the table you will see a leaderboard that contains the names of top bettors in the last rounds. The Golden Ball round is triggered after every 20 spins of the wheel, and the player who has placed the highest total bet in the preceding 20 spins is invited to press the golden ball icon within ten seconds, which will cause the croupier start the goldenball round for that player. The prizes that can be won in the bonus feature are fixed cash amounts or a portion of the player’s total bet.

Video and audio options

The video stream is of an exceptional high-definition quality, with the option to toggle between camera views by clicking the red “X” button near the Balance indicator. When the betting time ends and no more bets are accepted, the camera zooms in to show the wheel and the ball spinning around. Other options on the screen include turning video off and switching between low and high quality of the video stream. Clicking or tapping anywhere on the window showing the live video enlarges the screen, while still maintaining sharp and fast visuals and HD quality.

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