Common Draw Blackjack NetEnt

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Common Draw Blackjack NetEnt
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Common Draw Blackjack from Net Entertainment is a unique blackjack variation that always has a seat for every player. Unlike a standard seven-seat blackjack game, all players who have joined the table get dealt the same hand and have to make their own decision of whether to stand, hit, split or double down. The game offers a high-paced action as players do not have to wait for their turn to make a decision. How the “common draw” principle works? That’s simple. Suppose the dealer has dealt 15 to himself and 16 to players. Some players at the table would prefer to take one more card, while others would rather stand but you are free to make your own decision.

Like other NetEnt’s solutions, Common Draw Blackjack features informative statistics to help you track other players’ actions. The statistics panel shows the total scoring for dealer’s last ten hands, the percentage of Blackjack and Bust outcomes for the dealer’s hand, and the percentage of Wins and Pushed outcomes in the last hand of all players. Besides, a chart bar indicates player’s actions (Hit, Stand, Split and Double) in the current hand. These stats would be especially helpful for novices who want to quickly understand the basics and master their gaming skills.

Video, options and user interface

A prominent market leader, NetEnt applies the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies to make the video stream run smoothly on all devices, without compromising on quality. The video feed showing the dealer and table is of excellent high-definition quality that customizes automatically based on the performance of user’s device. Using the Chroma Key technology, the developer has designed an amazing background image behind the table that replicates a gorgeous blackjack room.

To the left of the table there is a chat window for getting in touch with the dealer and players. Furthermore, players can get quick access to the mini lobby by clicking the respective button, and browse for other NetEnt’s live games without leaving a currently active table. The user interface at the bottom is sleek and simple to use, with five chip denominations, action buttons and a full-screen icon, while the minimum and maximum table limits are clearly indicated at the left-hand side of the screen.

Basic rules

The rules applied in Common Draw Blackjack are:

  • player can split on any same-valued cards. The number of re-splits is not limited
  • doubling down is allowed on the first two cards totaling 9, 10 or 11.
  • player can double down after split
  • dealer hits on 16 and stands on all 17’s (both hard and soft 17’s)
  • blackjack pays 3 to 2.

Even Money

This blackjack variation features the Even Money option that is offered when the player has natural blackjack and the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, which means chances are that the dealer has blackjack too. Taking even money pays back the player’s entire bet, no matter if the dealer has blackjack or not.

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