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Live Blackjack Extreme Gaming
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A London-headquartered company, Extreme Gaming is considered to be one of the top creators of live dealer solutions that boast excellent visuals and an impressive range of features. Live blackjack from that developer has several tables that differ in the minimum and maximum bets that you can make: a regular game offers the $5–$2500 limit, while VIP Blackjack accepts up to $5000. There are seven betting spots at the table but the game can actually provide space for an unlimited number of players due to the handy Bet Behind feature.

All Extreme Gaming live solutions have the Switch Table option that enables the player to open the live casino lobby without leaving their gaming session in the currently active table and join one more live game.

Video, options and user interface

Video is streamed live in a true high-definition format and players have the option to lower down the video quality in case of low connection speed or poor performance of the device that is used to play the game. Another option is to turn off the display of video which will remove presentation of the dealer and show only the table. Audio options are limited to muting and volume control.

The live platform developed by Extreme Gaming is rich in features and provides a powerful tool kit for tailoring the gameplay to your needs and preferences. Clicking the Flag button opens a drop-down menu with the list of UI languages, with English set as default. You can select an avatar from over a dozen listed images to personalize yourself in the game. To view the personal history of bets and game results, click the Settings button.

Basic rules

The detailed rules of blackjack are available by clicking the “?” button on the bottom left toolbar when in the game. The following are the main rules of live blackjack:

  • dealer must hit on 16 but stand on all 17’s, including soft 17’s
  • only one splitting is allowed
  • doubling down is not allowed after splitting
  • insurance is offered as an option and pays 2 to 1 if the dealer does have blackjack after opening the hole card
  • if the dealer and player have the hands of equal value, this counts as a push.

The betting period is 10 seconds, and the same time span is given for making a decision after getting dealt two initial cards.

Bet Behind

On opening the table, you may see that all seats are occupied by players. If this is the case, you have three alternatives: just watch the game and wait for a vacant seat, get there a bit later or make use of the Bet Behind feature that allows the waiting player to join the game immediately. The Bet Behind wager is placed on a correspondingly marked betspot of the seated player you wish to bet behind. The seated player will make all bet decisions of whether to hit, stand or double down on their cards and you cannot affect their decisions. However, you can click the Bet Behind button in the toolbar to select your preferences of how to resolve your bet if the seated player decides to take insurance, double down or split.

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