7-Seat Blackjack NetEnt

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7-Seat Blackjack NetEnt
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The 7-seat live blackjack by Net Entertainment is a fairly standard variation of blackjack that offers seats for seven players, as the name implies, with no bet behind option for the players who are waiting to join in. There are several blackjack tables designed for low and high rollers, with the minimum and maximum stake being $1 and $5000 respectively. Great visuals and professional and chatty dealers add to the authentic casino feel while extensive game statistics makes the blackjack easy for novices and experts alike.

On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the amount of your bet, win and total balance on your account as well as a small chat box that you can use to send messages to the dealer. There is also the Mini Lobby button, which allows you to easily change the table you are playing at. On the right side there are some game details including dealer’s recent ten hands, the share of busted hands/blackjack on the dealer’s recent ten hands (in percent), and the percentage of wins/pushed hands in the last round.

Video, options and user interface

The game is streamed in real time from a Maltese studio and the tables are handled by professional and amicable dealers. Video quality is outstanding on both desktop and mobile devices, with the option to enlarge the screen to full screen view. The user interface and control buttons are very simple and leave no room for misinterpretation of their functions.

Basic rules

This blackjack game has 6 card decks in the shoe and accepts up to seven players at a time. As the game is not equipped with the Bet Behind feature, players who want to take a seat have to wait until there is a betting spot available. The game is based on a traditional variation of blackjack rules but to make your play more enjoyable and rewarding, you are recommended to view the detailed guide that you can access by clicking or tapping the “i” button when inside the game. The basic rules are:

  • dealer hits on 16 and stands on all 17’s
  • player can double down only on 9, 10 or 11
  • player can split any two initial cards of the same denomination
  • any number of resplits is allowed after the first split, except for when you have split a pair of Aces
  • blackjack pays 3 to 2.

Insurance and Even Money options

Insurance is a frequently found option in live blackjack games and is offered to every player when the dealer’s face-up card is Ace. If you decide to take insurance, you must bet the amount that equals half the regular bet. The insurance bet is won or lost depending on the dealer’s face-down card which the dealer peeks at. If the dealer turns out to get blackjack, you win the insurance bet. If the dealer’s face-down card is other than a 10-valued card, you will lose the insurance bet.

Even Money is a variant of the Insurance option and is offered if you have a natural blackjack while the dealer’s face-up card is Ace. Taking Even Money, you are reimbursed your initial bet in full and leave the current game round.

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