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Blackjack Party Evolution Gaming
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Blackjack Party from Evolution Gaming, an award-winning developer of live dealer solutions, is a seven-seat blackjack based on a unique gaming format that provides advanced interactivity and amazing players’ engagement. The blackjack table is run by two dealers at a time, a man and woman, who tell jokes and involve players in conversation. Players can send their messages and comments to the dealers via the chat window, and the dealers always reply quickly, creating a festive and fun atmosphere at the table.

Video, options and user interface

As other live games from Evolution Gaming, this reviewed blackjack has the excellent-quality video feed that is customized automatically by default and has four options (Low, Medium, High and HD) that can be selected manually. Being fully compatible with most major handheld devices (Android/iOS), the game is played smoothly and hassle-free on smartphones and tablets as it has an intuitive interface and sleek design.

All user-changeable settings are organized in a small toolbar located at the top right corner. There you can find buttons for hiding/showing the chat window, turning sound on/off and switching to full-screen mode. The History button opens the list of your bets placed on all Evolution Gaming tables and the associated results (Win/Lose).

All games by this developer have a useful feature enabling players to enter the live casino lobby without being removed from the table you are in, and then choose another game to play two tables simultaneously.

Basic rules

Game rules are available under the “?” button in the toolbar and are as follows:

  • dealer hits on 16 and stands on all 17’s
  • there are 8 card decks in the shoe
  • player can split two initial cards of equal value (Ten+Jack) with no further resplit
  • player can double down on any two cards with no doubling down after split
  • insurance is offered if dealer’s upcard is an Ace
  • blackjack pays 3 to 2.

Side bets

Blackjack Party feature two side bets that the player can opt to place on a corresponding area on their betting spot. The outcome of a side bet is evaluated independently of the main bet, meaning that the player has the chance to win a side bet whether they have lost or won the main bet. The 21+3 side bet wins if the player’s first two cards combined with the dealer’s face-up card comprise any of the five combinations that are similar to these in poker: Flush, Straight, Three of a King, Straight Flush, and Suited Trips (named in order of increasing payout). The second optional bet is known as Perfect Pairs and it wins if the first two cards dealt to the player create any of the three combinations: Mixed Pair, Colored Pair or Perfect Pair. The highest award you can obtain for a side bet is 100 to 1 and is paid for getting an identical trio of cards (Suited Trips).

Bet Behind

The Bet Behind feature allows for placing a bet behind a seated player. To help you determine which player is luckier or more skillful, there is a medal icon near each player’s name that indicates the number of rounds won in a row by that player. You can decide in advance how your bet must be resolved in case the seated player you are betting behind chooses to split or double down.

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